Digital Drive Thru Menu Packages

Digital Drive Thru Menu Packages

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Digital menus are cost competitive with traditional yet they do so much more. With our menu you can:

  • Promote impulse buying. Add impact to menus with animation that attracts attention.
  • Display breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night on the same menu at different times of day all automatically.
  • Display a different menu or set of menus every day of the week all automatically.
  • Change menu items and prices by simply typing them without new artwork.
  • Add new pictures as you develop dishes without new menu artwork.
  • Completely redesign your menu every year for a few hundred dollars.


Every restaurant, juice bar and deli will upsell if the customers read the menu and are made aware of your specials and promotions.

“At a fast food restaurant we studied, a moving digital menu board panel was read by 48 percent of customers, compared to 17 percent for the same menu board – a non-moving version – tested earlier.”

Paco Underhill
Founder/CEO of Envirosell, Inc.
Author of “Why We Buy”

 Motion can be video, animation or simple slide shows with changing pictures. We can create animated menu artwork for you or adapt your existing media to the digital system. Screens can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation and have a minimal bezel so only the menu artwork is visible to the viewer. Artwork of course is the primary element of menus and we can help you design it. Menu design and management is all a carte, we can help you with some or all of the design and teach you how to manage your system or manage it for you if you don’t have the time.

Most restaurants network their menus for easy management from a central location. Our multi zoned digital menus are all network capable and we have several low cost server options. If you have a few locations where it is difficult to connect to a network, you can update that menu with a USB jump drive. Simply insert a jump drive with the new artwork into the media player and it will update the menu.

This is the ideal product for chains and franchises. No matter the size of your geography we can build you a menu network with central control at very low cost that grows with you. These are full featured systems with multiple zones on every screen and every screen with its own identity and menu artwork. If you want each store to have full or partial control locally, we can do that too. Media players manage the screens for you, changing screen artwork automatically on a schedule that you set.

Once the screens are installed, you can change your menus as often as you like; run a sale, experiment with new offerings and promote seasonal items. Web based software allows access from anywhere using a web browser on the computer of your choice. Use your I-Pad to make quick price changes. Use your smart phone to check the current menu schedule.

We have outdoor drive through and walk up menus to attach to your building or use free standing like the picture above. They are ideal for a downtown hotel, bar or fine dining establishment. Outdoor menus have all the digital features and a range of very high bright screens to be seen in afternoon daylight. For indoor menus we offer a package price for the complete menu with a commercial LCD screen. These screens come with a three year on-site warranty so you have peace of mind that if the LCD fails the manufacturer will come to your store to fix it. The package is a tremendous value that includes custom artwork created just for you using your food pictures and menu text, commercial LCD, high resolution full featured media player, wall mount to install it and freight anywhere in the 48 adjacent states. We offer menus with screen sizes ranging from 32 to 75 inches and discounts when you buy more than one. Call us for pricing and to discuss your new menus.