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    Outdoor Digital Sign & Signage

    Outdoor digital signs can be utilized by businesses of all sizes! TjG Digital Signs digital packages include software and powerful servers to run centrally managed digital displays. Get a FREE Quote by filling out the form to the right.

    Outdoor digital signs help people find the building or business they are looking for. This can help business owners to entice customers to come inside by using these impressive display advertising on high traffic streets and highways. The Small Business Administration has published facts describing the importance of outdoor digital signage as the lowest cost, most effective form of advertising and outdoor digital signage has significant advantages over static signs in many applications.

    You are no doubt familiar with digital billboards on the highway, digital message centers in front of the high school and outdoor screens showing movie trailers. Any application that is displaying information that often changes is a good candidate for an outdoor digital sign and as costs have come way down.  Digital signs for outdoor usage has become more widespread and popular.

    Lower Cost Outdoor Digital Signs Equals More Opportunities

    Lower Cost Outdoor LCD & Led DisplayIn recent years the cost of LED signage has dropped significantly and manufacturers have developed tighter pixel pitch to enable very clear graphics in large signs. For smaller signs like outdoor menus in front of restaurants, LCD signs are often chosen as the primary technology.  These outdoor signs have bright panels that don’t blacken in sunlight. The prices have become more affordable to become more commonly used.

    Outdoor digital signage includes high bright LCD screens in store windows, high bright LCD screens in weatherproof enclosures, outdoor LED message centers in sign monuments, LED displays for gasoline prices and large LED signs that attach to a building or a pole or sign structure. It also includes the control system, software and networking equipment if your signs are deployed some distance from your location. We have the products to help you in all of these areas and the experience to help you design your signage.

    Outdoor Digital Signs Musts?

    Outdoor digital signs must be bright enough to be visible in daylight. LED signs can be as bright as 11,000 NIT but for billboards on the highway, usually 6 – 7,000 NIT is sufficient. LED outdoor signs can be built in very large sizes and is more than bright enough to compete with the sun, therefore, LED is the technology of choice for outdoor big signs.

    LED is also rugged and energy efficient so even for some small screen applications like taxi top advertising, LED is better suited because it is bright, very rugged with low power consumption so it can operate using the cars electrical system. LED also has vibrant saturated colors and now with tight pitch LED able to produce very clear graphics, they are starting to replace LCD video walls for indoor signage in some applications.

    Outdoor LCD panels can reach 5,000 NIT but generally 2,500 NIT panels suffice because they are less expensive and LCD signs are smaller so in the majority of applications the viewer is close to the sign and able to read it with lower brightness. Applications for LCD outdoor signs include mall signs, directories, and menus; generally not signs that the viewer is trying to see from across the street or from a moving car. LCD panels are high definition so small text is sharp and crisp. For applications like directories they are better suited than LED because the viewer is close.

    If moving cars are your target audience, text and graphics must be sized for the application. The faster the car, the bigger the text and you can check our LED design guide to learn about text sizes for your sign. Billboards on the highway have very short messages because of the car speed and digital signage must follow the same guidelines as traditional signage for message size relative to the target audience.

    Outdoor Digital Signage Advantages

    Outdoor digital has great advantages for signs that are supported by advertising where revenue is determined by the number of viewers. A billboard on a busy urban interstate commands very large monthly advertising revenue. Two short alternating messages may command less revenue per ad than one longer one but often increases the overall ad revenue enough to defray the entire cost of the digital billboard in a short investment window. The same is true for applications like shopping centers where ads from retail stores within the complex help defray the cost of installing the digital signs.

    Big Outdoor Led ScreenThis theater picture shows both day and night views of the LED outdoor digital sign. In daylight, the sign is just as visible as traditional signs and because it is digital it lists upcoming attractions and a host of other changeable information.

    The outdoor digital sign has a LED pitch fine enough to enable it to play movie trailers when it is not displaying messages. It is mounted on the theater marquee with foot traffic directly below.

    The sign has a wide 140° viewing angle so people can watch it as they approach the theater right up to walking underneath it.

    A sign that plays video or fine graphics must have a smaller LED pitch than a sign that will display plain text and will cost more. Cost is always an important element in the project design but outdoor LED signs will last a long time so you should also think about how you will use it over the years to come.

    Outdoor LED Digital Signs – Durability & Efficiency

    LED signs last 100,000 hours which is 11½ years if you never turn it off. If you can think back to eleven years ago, graphics and video was not nearly as prevalent on outdoor signs as it is today so you don’t want to be shortsighted and buy a sign that will seem obsolete four or five years from now. A great example is the disappearance of single color red LED signs. For a long time this was the standard sign a church or high school would buy for a message center. Now many manufacturers don’t make them anymore because “all color” LED signs dropped so much in cost that there is little demand for a single color red sign as it looks old fashioned. Led pitch is a similar argument so while budget is important, buy the best sign you can afford because your future needs may be different.

    Outdood LED signs are custom built to fit the application. They are built from many small modules assembled into one big sign. They are weatherproof and rugged, needing no outdoor enclosure like a LCD panel does for outdoor use. An outdoor LED display is easily repaired if damaged because the modules can be changed in the event of lamp failure or vandalism. The disadvantage of LED is the picture quality is not nearly as fine as LCD but the farther away you are from the sign, the clearer the picture looks. The tradeoff between LCD and LED therefore is the viewing distance of the target audience, size of the sign and type of message to be displayed. Call us to discuss your project and we will be happy to describe the options for you.

    Outdoor Digital signage depends on the electronics that distribute the graphics and display it on the screen. Your TV at home is very similar technology to a LCD sign. The difference is you create the programming for the sign and you need the networking equipment and media players to send your message to the right sign. We all have computers and take the internet and networking for granted but another attribute of LED technology coupled with computer controls enables some truly beautiful signage.

    Durable & Efficient Outdoor Led SignsLED lamps can be modulated at high speed just like the pixels in your TV. Turning them on and off and changing their colors is what creates the picture you are watching. A unique LED signage product you may not be familiar with is the DynaScan 360° display.

    This display is round and is the equivalent of two TV screens wrapped around a column. Placed in the center of a large space like the courtyard in the picture, viewers entering from any angle are immediately aware of it because of its moving picture and bright colors made possible by LED technology.

    The picture is created by modulating the LED lamps on arms that are spinning behind the glass cover. The LEDs can be modulated so fast that they produce a picture with an incredibly small 2mm pitch which is finer than any static LED sign. It looks closer to a LCD display like your TV, than a LED sign. They are offered in different sizes and mounting configurations including hanging supports for overhead viewing.

    TJG Digital Signs – Meeting Both Indoor and Outdoor Digital Signage Needs

    Elsewhere in this website are discussions of digital menus and building directories and for those applications LCD screens in weatherproof enclosures are the technology of choice. Please visit those pages to see the product offerings. We also have a section devoted to LED mesh which is usually used indoors but we also offer outdoor mesh panels. LED mesh is becoming very popular for temporary installations like events, trade shows and of course concerts and theater scenery.

    Outdoor digital signage has to fit your needs to justify your investment and our goal is to offer you the best product for your application. We have a wide variety of outdoor digital signage because customer’s needs are different. Please call us to discuss your project and we will be happy to share what we think is best for you.