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Led Billboards

Effective Marketing With Outdoor LED Digital Signs

Are you a business owner in need of a high-impact way to advertise? There are so many options available to you, from web based and email marketing to billboards, printed fliers, and everything in between, but which will give you the biggest return on your investment? More traditional methods are only able to serve you […]

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3,000 NIT LCD screens for full daylight applications

We are now shipping 46 inch LCD screens for full daylight window applications.  This screen is 3,000 NIT which means it is almost seven times as bright as your average TV.  It has an active LED backlight that delivers a 1,000,000 to 1 contrast ratio and adds depth to the colors; blacks are blacker, reds […]

Read More has compelling reasons why you need LED signs

Buildings is a magazine for facilities professionals.  They wrote a great article describing how a LED sign can improve your business and included some design guides.  We thought our readers should see this article so we are pleased to offer this link.  

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Which is the better outdoor digital sign; LED or LCD?

We work with LCD screens and LED signs of all types so we get a lot of customers asking which is better for outdoor digital signs.  LCD has by far the better picture quality, it is like your big screen TV at home.  The downside of LCD is that they are small compared to the […]

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Digital signs on a busy street is cost effective marketing

We had inquiries from two retailers and a restaurant on the same busy street in Los Angeles during a two month period. All three businesses had the same motivation for investigating digital signs. According to city statistics, this street has 86,000 cars/day on it so a good sign will get a lot of visibility. This […]

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