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TJG Synchronized Digital Menus are shown to increase customer interaction as well as upsells! TjG Digital Signs digital packages all include the software and servers to run centrally managed displays.

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    Digital Menu Boards for Restaurants

    In this age of technology, everything is moving fast. An animated digital menu board is guaranteed to get more attention than a non-digital menu board and a synchronized array takes digital menus to a whole new level.

    Research shows that digital menus with motion and animation are three times more likely to be read than standard menus. We can not only animate your menus but synchronize them into a moving video wall to help you really stand out. Impress that customer who has many choices in a competitive place like a food court.

    Decisions are made very fast in a food court and synchronized menus can not only show your food in its most favorable light but attract attention from across the room to draw as many customers as possible. Let’s go over why digital menu boards are good for business.

    Digital Menus for Restaurants

    Popularity is growing for Digital menus for restaurants. Customers that frequent your restaurant want and expect to see an excellent menu.

    You want to fulfill all the desires of your customers and giving them good information helps. Give your customers a uniquely wonderful and complete dining experience with a contemporary digital menu and promotion screens that highlight the quality of your food. A digital poster can call attention to “gluten-free” “low calorie” “fresh daily” and any other attribute of your food you want to highlight.

    • The digital menu board can have constant movement capturing the attention of your customer quickly.
    • Digital menus are brighter and this will help your establishment seem happier, and livelier than the competition.
    • Stop wasting your money on standard menu boards. Digital menus have come down in price so much over the past few years they are now competitive with standard lighted menus but they do much more. Your goal is to attract as many people as possible to your store and upsell all of them. Digital menus are great at both.
    • Perception is everything. Potential customers will see your food presented in its’ most tempting form with graphic effects. Digital menus are contemporary and reflect positively on how you manage your store.
    • Your future diners won't look twice at the competition after seeing your digital menu board. You will capture the audience of hundreds and possibly thousands of more people.

    Restaurant Menu Board Design

    If you are going to get a menu board, letTJG design your digital menu board for you. Here a couple of reasons why the TJG restaurant menu board design is superior to the others.

    • We create custom menu designs for each customer and don’t try to force him into a standard template. We have synchronized menu arrays to really stand out in a competitive environment like a busy food court.
    • We have a wide selection of hardware from standard screens in normal rooms, brighter screens for atriums and outdoor screens for walk-up and drive through applications with high bright, high temperature non-blackening LCD panels.
    • Once installed, you can change the look of your menu anytime for just the cost of artwork. The hardware will last for years. Digital menus are also digital marketing tools.

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    Here are some reasons to call TJG for your complete menu solution.

    • TJG hashigh bright LCD digital signage for store windows.
    • TJG has outdoor LCD screens with weatherproof enclosures for walk up and drive through applications.
    • TJG has LED message centers for outdoor sign monuments.
    • TJG has large LED gasoline price displays for C-stores.
    • TJG has gas pump top LCD displays to tempt the customer to come inside.

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    Digital Menu Board Software

    The TJG digital menu board software makes management easy. It accepts pictures and video in standard formats so you can create media in software you are comfortable with like PowerPoint of Photoshop for use on your menus.

    It allows you to layer video, slide shows and text on the same screen. Menu scheduling by time of day, day of week or a month in advance. And it is web based so you can make schedule checks from anywhere.

    Get the Digital Menu Board NOW! Realize great ongoing eatery profits in your restaurant Today!

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