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    TJG Digital Menus are shown to increase customer interaction as well as upsells! TjG Digital Signs digital packages all include the software and servers to run centrally managed displays. Get a FREE Quote by filling out the form to the right.

    Digital menus can help restaurants upsell with attractive visuals, experiment with new dishes and manage change. They can be scheduled by time of day and day of week so breakfast items for example can be displayed on all the screens in the morning when dinner items are not being served. As prices of LCD screens come down, digital menu boards are becoming popular as they are more affordable.

    QSR restaurants and C-stores range from national chains to mom & pop stores and many have needs for outdoor street and drive through menus. They also have different needs for media and media management. Many offer special dishes for holidays, weekend brunch and other occasions that require new artwork. Some are self-sufficient while others need help with menu design and managing changes. The frequency of changes, geography covered and need for local or central control are all factors that determine the digital menu system for each customer.

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    Digital Menu Boards Customized For Your Needs

    We offer LCD and LED digital menu systems designed for your specific needs. Single location mom & pop stores that don’t change their menu very often are looking for the best value and lowest cost. The needs of chains vary with the number of regions they cover and the products and prices offered in each region but chains are also looking for the best value and system reliability.

    LCD manufacturers offer screens designed specifically for menus and the better ones have nationwide technical support. We sell commercial monitors with a three year on-site warranty direct from the manufacturer so our customers can be confident their menus will last and in the event something fails a technician will come to the store to fix it.

    Screens can be mounted in landscape or portrait orientation and have a minimal bezel so only the menu artwork is visible to the viewer. Artwork of course is the primary element of digital menus and we can help you design it. Digital menu boards support motion that attracts the viewer’s attention and helps your menu to be read.

    Why We Buy

    “At a fast food restaurant we studied, a moving digital menu board panel was read by 48 percent of customers, compared to 17 percent for the same menu board – a non-moving version – tested earlier.”

    Paco Underhill
    Founder/CEO of Envirosell, Inc.
    Author of “Why We Buy”

    Motion can be video, animation or simple slide shows with changing pictures. We can create animated menu artwork for you or adapt your existing media to the digital signage system. Menu design and management is all a carte, we can help you with some or all of the design and teach you how to manage your system or manage it for you if you don’t have the time.

    Massis Kabob – Centralized Digital Menu Board Network

    Digital Menu BoardMassis Kabob is a Southern California chain of mall restaurants. They have a network of digital menus with central control that we built for them including menu design with portrait videos that tempt customers with skewers of meat and vegetables cooking over a charcoal flame.

    The long lines at lunchtime attest to the success of their formula and we are proud to be a small part of it.

    Outdoor digital is also more popular as new high brightness, high temperature LCD panels that don’t darken in sunlight have lowered the cost of drive through and street menus. Here too we offer a full range of screens designed for the environment they will be installed. Mild climates can use screens cooled by ambient air to lower cost. Colder and warmer climates need heaters and air conditioners built into the enclosures and we can build screens for the most demanding applications including corrosive sea air.

    LED menu boards continue to be a top choice for outdoors as well due to their high brightness, heavy durability and small energy consumption. You don’t have to worry about the sun washing out your display and the product itself can stand the heat of summer and the cold of winter.

    Street digital menus can be freestanding or wall mounted and digital can do a better job of tempting the customer to come inside than a static menu can. Restaurants that post an outside menu want to invite customers inside by showing the food offerings. Digital menu boards can have rich graphics displaying many tempting pictures on the same screen and showing the special dishes offered that day.Powerful Electronic Menu Boards

    Powerful Digital Menu Boards Backed By Powerful Systems

    Our menu systems offer powerful text overlay technology where the text on your screen is live, created by the menu software, on top of a background image. If the Chef comes up with a new dish you can have it on screen in minutes simply by typing the description and not having to edit artwork. You can also upload a picture of the new dish and add it to the mix of menu pictures without creating new menu artwork.

    Digital Sign BoardsQSR restaurants with drive through windows often do 50% or more of their business with car traffic which is sometimes open longer hours than the store. The benefits of digital are ideal for drive through menus because space is limited and the digital menu can display what is appropriate for the time of day; breakfast, lunch/dinner or late night. We have drive through menus with single, double or triple LCD and LED portrait screens. Where space is tight we also have a triple with stacked landscape screens.

    We have a wide selection of outdoor LCD and LED menu boards for drive through and street applications in any climate. We also have the experience of building nationwide menu systems with central control for chain restaurants and the cost structure to work with mom & pop stores. If you have been considering digital menus, please call us and we will be happy to help you design your project.

    Grab the Right Kind of Attention with Digital Menu Boards

    When you pull up to a restaurant that has a drive-thru one of the most important elements is the menu board posted. It is essential that it is very easy to read, adequately lit, and that the design is impeccable.

    At TJG Digital Signs we can ensure that your restaurant has digital menu boards that are engaging and 100% visible so your sales are increased with positive customer interaction.

    We provide you with all of the software and servers you need to run displays that are centrally managed. An attractive visual simply increases your up sales, and makes it easy for you to add new dishes and experiment with changes.

    The prices of LCD screens continue to go down making it possible to add a digital menu board to your business.

    Many Different Types of Businesses Can Utilize Digital Boards

    Whether you are running a small store or a national restaurant chain, outdoor boards and menu boards bring better visibility to your business.

    There are many different types of digital boards available to suit your specific needs for media management and media. A few factors should be determined so you invest in the exact type of digital menu system you require.

    Those factors include geography covered, the frequency of changes, and the need for central or local control. At TJG Digital Signs we guarantee that you will get the customized digital menu board that fits your specific needs perfectly.

    When you are looking for dependable system reliability at the best value, look no further than us. We can provide you with the LED and LCD digital system you require. You can trust us to help you design your digital menu board too.

    We provide all of our customers with the support, repair services, and design options they need to be confident in their menus.

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