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    Digital building directories can do more than display suite numbers! TjG Digital Signs digital building directory packages all include the software and servers to run centrally managed displays. Get a FREE Quote by filling out the form to the right. Here’s what else digital building directories can do:

    • Display floor plans, maps, leasing information and building pictures.
    • Interact with visitors and provide way-finding maps.
    • Cycle through several messages in your high traffic areas.
    • Display pictures of tenants or advertising.
    • Display news feeds.
    • Add impact to signage with animation that attracts attention.
    • Provide a visual emergency notification network.
    • Can be centrally-managed to link multiple directory displays

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    Digital building directories fall into two broad categories; digital signage and interactive digital signage. Interactive directory signage is the more popular because of its features and lower cost. A digital building directory can change tenant names in minutes and display text, maps, pictures and live HTML on the same screen at the same time. An interactive directory allows users to look up tenant information via a touch screen and has software customized for the property with the information each tenant wants to display.

    Interactive directories cost more because the touch screen hardware is more expensive and a software package designed for the property must be developed. However for large properties like a hospital or university complex, interactive is often the best way to display a lot of information. Interactive can also generate a way-finding map for the viewer once he selects his destination.

    Digital Signage DirectorieSome examples that highlight the features of electronic directory signs are pictured on the left. The top directory is a Salon Plaza location that displays the floor map of the hair salon and lists the stylists working at that location. Directory text is created by the server so if a stylist changes, the directory can be updated in minutes by typing the change into the online software.

    In the Longwood Avenue directory, this medical building has two very large tenants. Boston Children’s Hospital Sports Medicine and Longwood Pediatrics are the blue and green panels respectively and everyone else is listed in the gray panel. The blue and green panels change every day listing only the doctors that are practicing that day. All of the panels are created with text overlay technology so the operator can update all the panels once a week or whenever the schedule is established. The directory automatically changes the panels every day.

    The directory by the elevator is a hospital in Newhall California. It shows the tenant listings but also has a HTML panel showing live headline news from Yahoo. This gives viewers something to watch as they wait for the elevator and is automatic requiring no work to maintain. Above and below the HTML panel are two areas where the property manager can display messages. Space for lease, building contact information, holiday greetings and special events like blood drives are typical messages that property managers post.

    Interactive Digital DirectoryAn interactive directory like the outdoor one pictured on the right can display much more information. The viewer can select from a menu to find the location he wants and depending on the property, he can drill down as many levels as necessary. Like digital signage, the interactive directory can display maps, pictures live HTML and video. The software can display as many levels of information as necessary to guide the viewer. Each level needs to be programmed so the cost for each interactive directory must be quoted and will depend on the complexity.

    Digital directories can be in many hardware configurations for both indoor and outdoor installations. We have indoor and outdoor digital signage and interactive screens that are complete wall mounting of free standing directories and kits that are separate components you can build into your wall or kiosk if you are remodeling.

    Touch Screens Digital DirectoryOur most popular directory is the fully assembled surface mounted customized stainless steel directory shown in the 319 Longwood picture above. It can be digital signage or interactive. It is surface mounted and secure. We can laser cut your building name or address and backlight it to give your directory a custom look. Outdoors our most popular directory is the “83 Hanover” pictured on the left. We can also supply indoor or outdoor screens you can build into your wall or kiosk like the outdoor unit below Hanover.

    Outdoor screens have very bright LCD panels to be viewed in daylight and must be designed for the temperature environment they will operate in. Mild climates can use screens cooled by ambient air which are the lowest cost but colder or hotter climates require heaters and/or air conditioners built into the enclosure. Touch screens for outdoor applications are different technologies to compensate for the viewer wearing gloves and the cold and wet conditions that we don’t worry about with indoor touch screens. We also have stainless steel screens with epoxy encapsulated electronics for use in directories exposed to sea air in costal locations. We have built directories for many properties and will be happy to help you design your project so please call with questions and let us offer a proposal for your building.

    We also offer many other digital signage applications including powerful digital menu board systems utilizing both LCD and LED screens, outdoor digital signs perfect for business front displays, LED mesh that is perfect for unusual shapes and creative applications and more!