Draw Attention Away from the Competition with Digital Menus

Imagine your potential customers being just a few feet away from your restaurant. Your food smells good. Your menu looks inviting… but still they walk away and go somewhere else. Why? Could it be that you don’t have a visually appealing menu to bring in more customers? Let’s check out the success of Massis KABOB to see how you might become a food court favorite too!


Food Court Favorite!

We know it takes more than a slick design to make your restaurant stand out. You need to have the food people want, and a way to keep your lines moving, etc. But the first impression – the HOOK to get the foot traffic to choose your restaurant above the surrounding competition has got to be great!

Massis KABOB has enjoyed consistently long-lines in their Westfield Mall food court locations since installing digital menus with a centralized digital menu board network. With this system, Massis KABOB regularly attracts customers away from the competition in the food court.

Increasing Your Foot Traffic & Bottom Line

Attracting customers with a digital menu board is one thing. You have amazing photos of your food on the menu board, perhaps information about a daily special, etc. But it’s all about how you use the digital menu board to really make your restaurant pop!

Massis KABOB uses a landscape logo teaser video playing to attract customers to the restaurant line to order. This approach has really transformed the success of the Glendale Galleria location of the restaurant.

This could be you! You could enjoy the same success from implementing a digital menu board in your location. Contact us for a live demo today!